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Social Shareable: Thank You For Helping [Your Business Name] Help [Charity of Choice]!


This past [DATE RANGE], [I/WE] spent [HOW MANY WEEKS YOU PARTICIPATED] gathering donations for [NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION YOU HELPED] as part of a global #MyDifference4Animals Giveathon with other pet businesses in the international community. I [VERY BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR CAMPAIGN: REQUESTED DONATIONS VIA EMAIL AND SOCIAL; SET UP HOLIDAY PHOTOGRAPHY MINI-SESSIONS, SET OUT BOXES AT X BUSINESS] and [MY CLIENTS, THE COMMUNITY, ETC.] really showed how much they cared!

As a way to say thank you, here’s exactly how so many of you helped [ME/US/MY BUSINESS] bring real holiday joy to rescued animals.


#thankyou #gratitude #thankful #leadership #holidaygiveathon #mydifferenceforanimals 
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