Embracing Difference

Discrimination takes many forms, and our Embracing Difference content collection prompts deep reflection and storytelling for fostering change in both human and animal communities. Our CORE blog, newsletters, and social posts encourage pet parents to empathize with their pet-free neighbors, fostering inclusive communities. The GROWTH content challenges you to authentically embrace differences by sharing a personal experience with discrimination — whether that discrimination was directed at yourself, someone you know, or an animal community. Additional video/Reel prompts offer creative ideas to celebrate uniqueness, and our April holiday graphics, like Canine Fitness Month, National Pet Day, World Veterinary Day and more, additionally enrich your social media.

Lastly, elevate your business successes and marketing with our beautiful Bonus case study Canva template, providing a visually compelling narrative of your expertise and problem-solving abilities for potential clients. Case studies are a top marketing tool -- so don’t miss this opportunity!

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