Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest conversations you’ll have with your most-valued customers is when and how to say goodbye to a beloved pet. As a trusted pet business, it's not uncommon for pet parents to share their worries and grief with you. In this theme, you'll exercise your brand voice – communicating with empathy and understanding while reflecting your unique personality – and draw on personal experience to deepen your connection. Your topics? "Making the Decision to Say Goodbye to Your Pet" tackles the tough stuff. "Unexpected Gifts We Receive When Saying Goodbye,” explores the deeper appreciation for life that can emerge from loss. With social media posts, email newsletters, and Reel prompts for each topic, you'll have a wealth of brand-centered and heart-felt resources to offer worried pet parents seeking guidance.

We’ll point you to your August bundle of pet holiday graphics (with shareable text, trending hashtags and a link to the entire year of graphics!). Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is Aug. 28; a thoughtful day to share one of your new blogs!
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