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Social Shareable: Why I Love Ugly Pets


Beauty is in the HEART of the beholder! Nothing proves that more than the sweetness of a gawky kitten or the love of a toothless senior dog with a floppy tongue. [OR REPLACE THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE WITH YOUR EXAMPLE OF A HOMELY PET WITH A HEART OF GOLD]. So-called “ugly” pets teach us that real beauty lives INSIDE pets and the people who love and care for them.

Today I want to spread that love by celebrating the unconventional beauty of ugly pets! Let’s explore how their scraggly fur, squishy faces, or special needs make us even better pet parents. [IF YOU’LL BE HOLDING AN UGLY/DISTINCTIVE/UNIQUE PET PHOTO CONTEST EDIT THIS TO:] Then, enter your own ugly sweetheart in my [OUR] Ugly [DISTINCTIVE/UNIQUE] Pet Contest!


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