Website Audit

Everywhere you go online you’re getting inundated with tools, tips, tricks, ideas and best practices for marketing of all kinds.  

Chances are, tons of that content is related to your website. Why? Because for most businesses your website is your most effective customer acquisition tool.

Obviously it’s impossible to do it all. There’s are a million ways you can tweak, improve, obsess and invest… but how do you know where to start?
  • 6 hours

    Live Call duration
  • Lead Magnet Template

    Fill in the blanks
Workshop Series

Done in a Day

 6 hr Live Workshop

Jump into our Quarterly 'Done in a Day' workshop series (Implementation Days) that up until now has only been available to our monthly and annual Working with Dog members. During these insanely high-value 6 hr workshops our experts walk you step-by-step through complex topics or big projects to make them simple, easy and in most cases... 'Done in a Day'.

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Meet your hosts..

For this Spring Workshop, Brand Architect, Colour Psychology Consultant and messaging and positioning magician J.Nichole Smith will be walking you through creating an email lead magnet or 'freebie' and setting up a landing page to kickstart your email list-building...  including LIVE demo + support using AI to make it 10x faster and easier! 
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J.Nichole Smith

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Tracey Nichols

Joined by long-time WWD Tech Director Tracey Nichols, you'll be supported creatively by Nic and with tech by Tracey - to get this delicious PDF done, edited and ready to deliver (with help from AI it'll be a breeze). 

Quickly throw together a shiny new opt-in landing page + freebie pdf

 to collect emails and deliver the PDF to your new subscribers.... And thus begins an entirely new era of your pet business...

The one where you have a growing email list of potential new customers streaming in! Plus, the one where you can see how quick and easy AI can be to support solid marketing strategy and templates like the ones we provide in Working with Dog.
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What do you get

Workshop includes 

6 hr workshop (with a break in the middle)
an AI tutorial and demo,
a 16 page Canva template for the PDF freebie (pick one of 4 color-ways, all you have to do is customize it) 
Marketing Strategy support to craft an enticing offer that will make people want to sign-up,

and a walk through using Convertkit or Mailchimp, to help you build a quick and easy landing page


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